Pharmacy Show 2011 - October 9th-11th


Exhibiting Thermoskin at the Pharmacy Show 2011, we displayed products on the new style FSDU alongside ‘Bruce’ our Australian mannequin. Showing the mannequin is a great way to demonstrate the interest we can generate in a shop window – most people passing at the show commented on our display.

With record attendance this year, the Pharmacy Show provides a great opportunity to speak to Pharmacists and Counter Assistants about the features & benefits of the Thermoskin range. We had the opportunity to speak to a number of existing customers – many of whom we met at the Pharmacy Show in 2010. We also have a new list of potential customers from this year’s show.

The Pharmacy Show provides us with a great opportunity that directly leads to an increased in-store recommendation and new stockists.

We will be exhibiting at the Pharmacy Show in 2012.