Mr F Day, Cheltenham

I suffered pain for 2 years after knee replacement during which time there were numerous meetings with consultants to try to solve the problem. I eventually bought the Thermoskin Arthritic Supports and was amazed how quickly and effectively they worked – Superb!

Mrs Everest, East Sussex

I originally had a problem with my left wrist which I attended a hospital for and was advised I should get a wrist support for it. When I visited Proctors Health Care and was advised to try the Thermoskin wrist support. It worked so well that I also purchased one for my right hand as I was getting a similar complaint in my other wrist.

Mr Collier, Northamptonshire

This is the only wrist brace that I have found comfortable to have on and easy to work with. It fits extremely well and reflects heat back to your hand. Fabulous investment!

Mr Jones, Yorkshire

I recently spraigned the medial ligament in my knee. It was very painful and hurt every time I moved my leg. After several days of ice treatment and a visit to my GP I was advised to get a knee support. I was advised to wear it constantly for the first month, and thereafter only when engaging in active or sporting activities. It has worked brilliantly providing the support I need and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Mrs Watson, Northumberland

I used to find walking very short distances painful, going up and downstairs was a slow process and worst of all I could not go walking or ballroom dancing with my friends. My Thermoskin knee wrap however has changed all of this, and I can even take part in ballroom dancing again.

Mr Gurney, Buckinghamshire

I'm a carpenter/joiner and sportsman. I have some arthritic problems in my wrist and a knee injury from playing football. I tried the arthritic wrist support and found it to work so well that I also bought another Thermoskin support for my knee.